Useful commands

This is not a command list for the DuckHunt bot. This is a list of commands you might want to know when interacting on the DuckHunt Support Server.

For a list of duckhunt commands, please read

The following is only an overview of the commands we find to be the most useful. For more information about them, feel free to run the helpcommand for the respective bot.

Do not include brackets like <> or [] in the commands. A <> bracket mention a required argument, and [] brackets refer to optional arguments.

R. Danny (Support)

R. Danny is mainly used for tags to quickly send a message for an often asked question, a formula or many others.



?tag <tag name>

Displays the tag namein the current channel.

Useful tags include wrong_channel, setup and manual

?tag list

Lists every tag currently available.

?tag make

Lets you create a tag. This is an interactive command.

?tag stats

Displays the most-used tags on the server.

R. Danny also manages the #starboard channel. To use it, react with a ⭐️ on a message you find funny. If two people react with ⭐️, the message will be kept on the starboard.

Discord Pizza (Fun)

This bot allows you to order (virtual) pizzas 🍕, for free. Pizzas are made and delivered by real humans (those who decide to stay get the @Pizza role).



(>order <your order>

Order a pizza. Your order can be a pizza with up to 4 ingredients. The pizza will be delivered in the channel where you ran the command.


Check your order status.


Check the rules that apply to pizza orders.

If you see a deliverer, please tell him he is welcome to stay on the server. Tell him a moderator will be there soon to give them the pizza role.

Groovy (Music)

Groovy#7254 (Originally Marv) is a music bot that I believe to be better than rhythm.

Adding songs to your queue

You can add songs to a queue by using the play command (-play, -p) or by using the search command (-search, -s)

To use play, name the song you would like to add to the queue, or provide a link to it. Examples: -play simpleflip's nightmare -p

To use search, look up the song as you would on google. Groovy will then provide a list of search results from youtube. Examples: -search penguins screaming -s people screaming

To add a recording from your files, use -f -f (and select an audio file from your files. Use this as if you wanted to post an image with -f as the message)

Managing your queue

To view songs that had been added to the queue, use -q To remove a song from the q, use -r You can use -r # to remove a song by their position in the queue, for example: -r 5 You can remove a song by typing out part of their name or the entire name, for example: -r shimmer To skip a song, use -skip or -n To skip backwards, use -b To jump to a song, use -j Jump would be used the same as remove. To move a song, use -m Use move with the position in the queue. For example: -m 11, 2 The song you are moving would be 11, you are moving it to the 2nd position in the queue

To loop the queue (or a certain song) use -l (twice for the queue, a 3rd time to cancel the loop)

managing the song

To pause a song, use -pause (resume with -play) To check what time you are at, use -np To fast forward, use -ff for example: -ff (defaults to skipping 15s ahead) -ff 20m 10s (skips 20 minutes and 10 seconds ahead)

To rewind, use -rw for example: -rw (defaults to rewinding 15s) -rw 20m 10s (rewind 20 minutes and 10 seconds behind)

To go to a certain part of the song, use -seek -seek 3m 10s (this will bring you to the point of 3m and 10s in the song. )Koishi (Statistics)




Show your status history by hour of the day.


Show status history for the whole guild. Takes a long time to run.

TeXiT (Math)

TeXiT is used to render math formulas. Use the $ inline LaTeX equation$ syntax for inline equations and $$ equation $$ to place equations on their own line.

There are also a few useful commands to query WolframAlpha and calculate



,wolf <wolfram alpha query>

Query WolframAlpha and return the first result.

A query can be anything from 2+2 to how many calories in a burger

,calc <expression>

Calculate some simple math.

GetBeaned (Moderation)

GetBeaned is our moderation bot. The follwing commands are to be used by moderators.



+ban <duration> {users} <reason>

Ban the users provided in the command, with an optional reason.

+softban {users} <reason>

Ban and unban the users given to remove the recent messages they sent. You may add a reason to be displayed.

+kick {users} <reason>

Kick the users from your server. They will be able to rejoin using a new invite link.

+mute <duration> {users} <reason>

Mute users on the server. They won't be able to speak until unmuted or until they leave and rejoin the server.

+unmute {muted_users} <reason>

Remove the GetBeaned_Muted role from users, to let them talk again.

+unban {banned_users} <reason>

Unban users from your server. They'll be able to rejoin using a new invite.

The following commands can be used by moderators and trusted users.



+note {users} [reason]

Add a simple note to the user profile. Doesn't do anything by itself, this mostly serves as a reminder from staff or for very minor infractions.

+warn {users} <reason>

Warns users on the server. While warns by themselves don't do anything, thresholds apply to warns, and users may get kicked if they reach it.


Recover the last deleted message from the channel. Useful if you had seen some spam on the channel that quickly got deleted.

+purge {arguments}

Remove messages in bulk. See the command documentation for more information.

+rename [user] <nickname>

Rename a user with an optional nickname. If nickname is not specified, removes the nickname

+inspect [user/message/channel/...]

Provides information about a given ID or name, and tries to guess what that object is.

No commands here are meant to be used regularly by normal users.

Other bots

TODO (GamesROB, Snail Racing (Ahuman claims this one too), Tatsu, FriendSpotter)

Snail Racing - race snails

**How to race your snail:**

To start a race, use !s start or !s race

-You cannot start a race while one is already started or waiting to start

The bot will default to start the race in 15s.

-You can change the time it takes for the race to began by specifying how long you want in the start command Ex: !s race 10s -You can only use 5-30. Anything below 5 or above 30 will automatically be put on the max or min Ex: !s race 100 (The bot will set the time for 30s instead)

Within this time, people are allowed to join the race using !s enter

-You cannot enter a race when it already began. You cannot enter a race you started. You can only join after !s race/start is used, and before the race begins. -An infinite amount of people can join a race, but the rewards for the win do not increase.

-If nobody joins your race, then you will automatically go against an A.I.


The chance at winning a race is random (does not depend on level) -In the event of a tie, the topmost player automatically wins.

Whenever you win a race, you will gain 5 exp and a prize A prize is an item. To open your prize, use !s open -You may open all of your prizes by using !s openall. Please note that this will give you the rupee value of all of the prizes, not each individual one. --A rupee is Snail Racing currency. Rupees will be mentioned later. -You cannot steal someone's prize. To check all of your prizes, use !s items

Whenever you level up, you will receive a set amount of rupees for the level you achieved -To check your level, use !s level -To check the levelboard, use !s levelboard

**Why is it called a levelboard?**

There are 2 types of boards, there is the levelboard, and the leaderboard

The leaderboard is item specific. This is used to see who has the most of what item in the server Ex: !s leaderboard crap

**What else are items good for??**

There are a few things you can do with your items: -You can accumulate them and see them in your inventory -You can !s give items Ex: !s give rupee 400 (user) -You can !s buy items (with rupees) Ex: !s buy freshcrap 100 -You can !s sell items (for rupees) Ex: !s sell freshcrap 100 --You can also use !s sellall to get rid of all your items (for rupees) -You can also gamble with your items. Gambling You can bet your items by using !s bet Ex: !s bet rupee 200 Ex: !s bet crap -The chance at winning a bet is 50/50. Bets are not dependent on races. --One time I lost 9 times in a row (lost 1 million~ rupees)

Say you bet 200 rupees: -If you win, you will gain 200 rupees -if you lose, you will lose 200 rupees --You cannot go into negatives. You cannot bet more than you own.

To check your gambling statistics, use !s stats

**I'm not reading all of this.**

Use !s help -The bot will DM you a list of commands. If you need help on using them (or you need them explained), ping/DM <@316788628476919808> (Ahuman) That's about it! Here is a few tips below :)

-If you are trying to grind, use !s race 5 to make the race start asap -Whenever you see someone typing, it would be nice to use !s race 10, as this gives them a chance to join the race if they want to. I do this, because I am nice -When betting, its statistically impossible to lose 9 times in a row. I like to bet a small amount, and when i lose i double it. that way when i do win the bet, i will get all my rupees back. after winning, i go back to the small amount what? Ex: !s bet rupee 20 (lose, -20) !s bet rupee 40 (lose, -60) !s bet rupee 80 (lose, -140) !s bet rupee 160 (win, +20) repeat if you are daring, try tripling your rupees instead of doubling. This provides more risk, but a higher return. -I still lost 9 times in a row.