Meeeeeeeeh role

If you have it, you’re probably stupid.

If you make Eyes facepalm, he gives you the meeeeeeh role. There are roughly 20+ people in the server with the role. EASY WAY TO GET MEEEH QUICK EXPLOIT (WORKING 2020): 0: carefully read all the instructions before acting 1: get naked 2: find a potato 3: find a pencil 4: find a Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 20 oz Bottle 5: blend all 4 items together in your mind 6: forget about the 4th item, find a screwdriver 7: now blend the 4 items together in your mind 8: DM Eyes about what you imagine it would taste like, without giving him any context. 9: send Subtle a pdf file of the bible 10: put your clothes back on 11: jk, keep them off 12: now imagine your grandmother’s robe 13: the pink one 14: okay, now imagine a magnifying glass 15: that is a microscope, not a magnifying glass. 16: now, ask eyes if he would rather you think about using a microscope or a magnifying glass with a pink robe 17: pick whatever he didnt choose 18: draw a stickman wizard using either a microscope or a magnifiying glass to burn the robe. 19: when you’re ready, continue. to step 20 20: post the stickman wizard in general, and ask the @hyper-meeh what they think. If they like it, then they will grant you the @meeeh role 21: put your clothes on 22: when you’re ready, read the final step below Congratulations! The final step is to do none of the previous steps above, and instead DM Ahuman#8933 and tell him he is an asshole. I hope you read step 0. I just wanted to waste your time :D (you won't get the role)

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