Miscellaneous Characters

People who have nothing to do with the server. List anyone.

Doug from the who's Right Podcast

Doug is the main host of the Who's Right podcast. "While serving in vietnam as a field reporter, Doug found his love for broadcasting. It was on a hot morning in the jungle as he was marching up the ho chi minh trail that it was all taken away from him. He was captured by the viet cong and held captive for over 50 years as a POW. Upon his release, he was gifted a microphone by the members of a local Lion's Club and fell right back into broadcasting to the Navy from the comfort of his Moms basement." This was one of his podcast's popular episodes.

Sue Brady

Sue Brady was the only son born to Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch fame. Named Sue after the song immortalized by Johnny Cash, Sue didn’t fit neatly into the Brady Bunch “square,“ and was therefore relegated to a footnote in this unrelated wiki.