Player commands




Command used to shoot a duck. Don’t forget that sometimes mistakes happen and you can miss the ducks … or worse.


Reloads or unjams your weapon. You must have mags left if you want to reload. They‘re given back for free everyday (check dh!freetime command), but you can also buy them in the shop.


Sends you the help message.


Sends the link to this website.

dh!stats [player]

Gets your or another player’s hunting statistics.

dh!shop <item number> [argument]

Command used to buy things from the shop. For more information, see the Shop Items page. You can also use the dh!shop list command to show the link to the shop items page.


See the best players on the channel.

dh!send_exp <player> <amount>

Sends some of your experience points to another player on the game. A tax can be applied to the transfer, depending on the server settings.


This command will display the time left to wait for the free giveback of mags and weapons.

dh!settings list

Lists every possible setting that can be modified.

dh!settings modified

See settings that were modified and their new value.


Pings the bot to see if it‘s online.


Shows the bot’s uptime.

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