How to contribute to the bot

Donating is not the only way

Translating the bot

Translations are already avaliable in a lot of languages. However, if you feel one can be upgraded, made better or just finished, feel free to contact Eyesofcreeper#0001 on the discord server. Don't forget to tell me what language you want to translate the bot to. We use LingoHub to translate the bot, and the wiki can also be translated on GitBook (see how to Edit the wiki)

Report bugs

You can report bugs on the GitHub issues page. You might also want to visit #bug-report on our discord server for a more informal reporting process.

Improve this website

Hey, thanks for wanting to improve the wiki! There is a specific page for this that explains the process in detail. See you there!

Help on the support server

You can join our support server using this link. Come and help us answer questions from beginners and confirmed people alike. If you want to get yourself familiar with the rules and commands first, read here.

Here are a few links if you want to donate some $ to me to keep this project running. Thanks !