Admin commands

Some commands are more complicated than others. In that case, they’ll be shown in bold and their arguments will be explained after this command list.




This is the first command you should use after inviting DuckHunt to a server. It creates the server settings and has a configuration wizard to make it easier for you.


After using dh!setup, use this command on the channels you want ducks to appear in.


This disables a channel added by dh!add_channel.


This removes a user from the database.


This removes a user from the database. This comment is meant to be used on players that left the server.


Set another server administrator as an admin. Note that users with the Administrator permission in discord are considered Administrators too.


Deletes a server admin from the admin list.


Forces a duck to spawn.


Shows the number of ducks that will spawn today, and the list of ducks that are on the channel. It can be considered as a cheat.

dh!give_exp <player> <amount>

Gives a player some exp points. This is a cheat, not to be confused with dh!send_exp.

dh!settings set <parameter> <value>

Modify server settings. You can go to the Bot Settings page to learn more about this command.

dh!settings reset <parameter>

Resets a parameter to the default value. Use this command and not dh!settings set to reset parameters, as it won’t cause issues with bot upgrades.

dh!game_ban <player>

Bans a player from the game. You can’t ban admins, so please don’t try :)

dh!game_unban <player>

Unbans a player from the game. They will be able to play again.


Deletes a channel‘s scores and stats. Please be sure you really want to do this. You cannot undo this.

The coin command

The coin command (dh!coin) will make a duck spawn in the current channel. Obviously, this can only be used in an enabled channel.

  • dh!coin will spawn a simple, regular duck

  • dh!coin --super-duck --life 2 will spawn a super duck with 2 life points

  • dh!coin --moad --life 6 will spawn a MOAD with 6 life points

  • dh!coin --baby-duck will spawn a baby duck

List of settings and values you might use are described in more details on the Edit Settings page.