The DuckHunt bot

DuckHunt is a fun game bot where you hunt ducks that appear in a Discord channel. You try to climb the ladder of the leaderboard, prank other hunters and make some foie gras in this amazing game.

This wiki was created for DuckHunt#0550, a Discord bot developed by Eyesofcreeper#0001. This wiki will serve as a collection of the bot's information, including the bot's features, commands and settings, a guide for using the features, along with information on the support server hosted on Discord.

Brief description of the bot:

DuckHunt is a Discord bot, best categorized as gaming/entertainment. You use commands to hunt 'ducks' through the chat. For example, a typical command would look like dh!bang.

The goal of DuckHunt is to outrank other duck hunters by amassing a large amount of experience (exp) through hunting ducks. However, exp doubles as a measure of rank, and as a form of currency. Exp can be spent buying shop items. Shop items are items that can give you a slight advantage while hunting. Because shop items cost exp, buying them may cause you to drop in rank. You will always get a higher return on your investment in shop items if you are vigilant.

The ducks you hunt are recorded in the DuckHunt hunting log, which tracks the total amount of ducks hunted on the Discord channel. This log also provides the statistics of individual hunters, including how fast a duck was hunted, how many ducks were hunted, and more.

If you want to invite the bot to your server, go to the Quickstart page to get the bot invite link and setup instructions.